Meet AIRVent 2023 exhibitor - TURKOV!

We are pleased to introduce our exhibitor of the upcoming exhibition - the TURKOV comapny – to you.

TURKOV is the Russian manufacturer of climate control equipment. The company is engaged in the develop and manufacture energy-efficient climate control equipment:

• air handling units with heat and moisture recovery,
• air heating, supply and exhaust units,
• supply units with a high degree of air purification,
• dehumidifiers for swimming pools and enterprises,
• humidifiers,
• •ventilation grates,
• automation.

TURKOV equipment takes into account all the features of the harsh Russian climate: it works stably both in the central region, Siberia, and in the far north, where the temperature drops 50 degrees Celsius below zero.

The company manufactures all components for equipment by itself. On June 8, 2022, the Regional Development Agency of the Kaluga Region approved the application of the TURKOV company, which wished to become one of the residents of the Kondrovo Advanced Social and Economic Development Territory (TOSED). The project is focused on import substitution in its industry.

The Russian developer and manufacturer of energy-efficient climate control equipment LLC Turkov will build a plant for manufacturing industrial refrigeration and ventilation equipment and become the first resident of the Kondrovo industrial park. The estimated investment is 150 million rubles.

Products by TURKOV will be presented at AIRVent 2023 on 14-17 February