AIRVent 2023 Results

5 000+ visitors, 50+ exhibitors and hot discussions: how was the first international exhibition AIRVent.

On February 14-17, AIRVent 2023 — the first International Exhibition of Equipment, Technologies and Services for Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration of Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Facilities – ran successfully in Crocus Expo, Moscow.

More than 50 manufacturers and suppliers of climate control equipment from 4 countries presented their products, current developments and innovations at AIRVent 2023.

The success of the AIRVent exhibition exceeded all the Organiser's forecasts and the exhibitors' expectations:

• 5 068 unique visitors from 73 Russian regions and 11 countries • 5 business program events with 50 speakers • 376 unique visitors to the business program • 14 323 Aquatherm Moscow unique visitors also planned to visit AIRVent 2023 • 95% exhibitors are satisfied with their participation in the exhibition • 80% visitors plan to come back to the exhibition next year

The AIRVent exhibition has become a bright event in the Russian climate equipment industry. Previously, it was a specialized section of the Aquatherm Moscow exhibition. Interest in this section from market participants increased, which subsequently led to a decision to separate AIRVent into full-fledged event since 2023.

45% visitors were representatives of design, installation and construction organisations, 32% - wholesalers and retailers of equipment. The event was also attended by representatives of government authorities, key federal and industry media, for which a specialized VIP tour of the exposition was organised.

“Currently, the Russian Federation is actively working on the localization of VRF systems. The volume of the Russian market of refrigeration and ventilation engineering for 2022 is over 135 billion rubles, the volume of production is about 115 billion rubles. Now the share of Russian products is more than 82%, which is about 4% in dynamics compared to last year,” said Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Mikhail Ivanov, who visited the exhibition on the first day of its work.

On the first exhibition day, a solemn opening ceremony was held, where Olga Egorova, Aquatherm Moscow and AIRVent Director, Mikhail Kuznetsov, Director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering for the Fuel and Energy Complex of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Rashid Artikov, member of the Presidium of the Scientific and Expert Council for Monitoring the Implementation of Legislation in the field of energy, energy saving and energy efficiency improvement under the Committee on Economic Policy of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Aleksey Bukhanov, Associate Professor of the Department of Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, performed with their speeches.

“Exhibitions in Russia have returned to their pre-crisis, pre-pandemic levels, and we even have the opportunity to launch new large-scale projects, such as AIRVent. I want to thank everyone who chose AIRVent to promote their products for the trust and support, and we wish all participants fruitful work, rich meetings and new business contacts,” said Olga Egorova during the opening ceremony.

In his welcoming speech, Mikhail Kuznetsov expressed confidence that the work of the country's fuel and energy complex is aimed at making life comfortable in every home and the exhibition contributes to establishing communication between industry participants. “Create and consume Russian products,” Kuznetsov concluded.

“The exhibition has brought together leaders and experts in its field, and it is a great success. It is simply impossible to approach some stands - interested specialists gather around, there is active business communication,” Rashid Artikov shared.

AIRVent exposition

Leading companies and new market players exhibited at AIRVent 2023, including: Aereco, Breezart, Buhler-Ahs, Era Group, Flow, Metal Processing Technology, Texnopark, Waer, Antares, Blizzard Lufttechnik, Breez — Climate Systems, Ital Russia Spb, Climate (Clivet), Iemz Kupol, Panova Tech, Promsitech, Rowen, Rosholod, Rusklimat Trade and Production Holding, Smirnov, TD PoliAerPak, Teplomash, Terma, Trade Group, Unisplit, GalVent Ventilation Factory, Shiberg and many others.

The large-scale exposition included the entire range of climate equipment and technologies in the following product groups:

• Ventilation equipment • Air conditioning equipment • Accessories for air conditioning and ventilation • Commercial and industrial refrigeration systems • Building automation / software • Air quality control systems • Tools • Services

Exhibitor list 2023

AIRVent visitors had the opportunity to see and test new products designed for both industrial and residential facilities. There were many Russian innovative developments among them. So, for the first time at the exhibition, new models of climatic domestic appliances under the premium domestic brand Aurus, which will be produced by Rusklimat TPH, were presented for the first time. AIRVent visitors were able to view VRF systems, interior wall-mounted infrared heaters, smart electric convectors and other high-end energy-efficient equipment.

Specialists of the Antares group of companies (Miass, Chelyabinsk region) demonstrated the technology of air curtains specially designed for very large industrial premises, including metro depots, airport and spaceport hangars. The company's developments are used at the facilities of the Russian Railways and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, at the Vostochny cosmodrome.

Aereco, a manufacturer of energy-efficient ventilation systems, has introduced low-energy hybrid ventilation technology for schools, offices and apartment buildings. It allows you to adapt to weather conditions, maintaining a constant pressure in the system, regardless of the season.

At the Invent stand (Nizhny Novgorod), visitors could see advanced solutions in metalworking for the production of ventilation equipment. The laser TC-FS3015 is the basic model for sheet metal cutting, one of the best in its class. The company also presented the TC-HJ-2000W laser welding machine, a combined model with several operating modes - welding, cutting and stripping.

The first local development in the field of control over the recovery process was shown at the stand of the Russian manufacturer of heat exchange equipment PanovaTech (Novosibirsk). Visitors could test the operation of the rotary heat exchanger control unit (BURR), as well as plate and rotary heat exchangers for ultra-compact ventilation units.

The PolyAerPak company (Tatarstan), which produces air-bubble membrane, showed its novelty. Thermal insulation materials based on the air-bubble complex are intended for use in ventilation and air conditioning systems, underfloor heating systems and for noise insulation of interfloor ceilings.

At the Klimat stand (Moscow), visitors got acquainted with the new generation of 8th generation VRF systems capable of providing up to 350 kW of cold with one system, as well as with the advanced Clivet non-condensing chiller. The load range from 10% to 200% makes it possible to use this equipment in projects with phased commissioning.

Specialists of the WAER company (Voronezh) presented to the visitors’ attention new items in the line of power boards and control systems for smoke exhaust systems. The shields control smoke exhaust systems that allow people to safely leave the fire site during evacuation and avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Visitors from the sector of food industry enterprises and livestock farms were able to evaluate the equipment at the stand of Ital Russia SPB (St. Petersburg). The company demonstrated a water fan heater for heating large industrial and farm premises. It is able to work in an aggressive environment with a high concentration of dust and ammonia in the air, as well as with a high level of acidity.

Vlaga Pro (Moscow) showed elements of Airwet's own production system. Nozzle systems make it possible to make adiabatic air humidification technologies available for any type of housing under construction. The technology has been known for a long time, it has found application in industry, but it has only recently been used to normalize the living conditions of people.

Exhibitors’ products 2023

Exhibitors’ and visitors’ feedback

“It's a great honor for us to participate in the AIRVent exhibition. This exhibition helps us increase the contact base, meet new suppliers and develop new connections that let us enter new markets. The latest changes in the world have negatively influenced us and many other companies, but thanks to AIRVent we can further develop our business.”
Sergey Nosyrev, Technical Director, Vertro

“Today is only the first day and our managers and engineers at the stand are just like hot cakes, there isn't enough room to swing a cat because of visitors, people are standing queue to speak with our experts.”
Nikita Petrov, Marketing Manager, Climate Empire (Haier brand)

“There are a lot of visitors, we are very glad that the exhibition got such a great response and so in demand among our clients. We expect this will bring us big and positive results.”
Dmitry Bogdanov, Sales Manager, Breezart

“A big number of visitors comes to our stand, and we are extremely happy about it. We see a lot of interest from visitors to Russian manufacturers and such international companies, like we are, which stayed on the Russian market.”
Evgeny Bakharev, Development Director, Buhler-AHS

“You can see many premieres in different product categories at the exhibition. I believe that the decision to separate Aquatherm Moscow and AIRVent exhibitions by sector is absolutely right, because the main visitor category is installers, and they differ in their specializations. I sincerely wish the AIRVent exhibition to grow and become like his "big brother" (Aquatherm Moscow exhibition) and together develop the market, because from the point of high mission vision connect all players at one venue is a very large event. You develop, we develop and we do important things together – we make the climate in the country.”
Mina Khachatryan, Director of Strategic Marketing, Rusklimat

“I am pleasantly surprised by the exhibition, as it runs for the first time. A lot of new. A lot of novelties. I will come again, everything is fine."
Igor Chensky, Visitor, Moscow

“We liked everything at the exhibition, a fairly large range of goods, various suppliers are presented. We found a lot of interesting things for ourselves, met many interesting companies and people.”
Dmitry Abyshko, Visitor, St. Petersburg

Business program of the AIRVent exhibition - hot discussions, productive sessions and up-to-date analytics of the climate industry

50 key speakers and opinion leaders from Russia and other countries took part in the events of the program.

One of the key events was the VI International Ventilation Congress, which ran within two days - from February 14 to 15. The key theme of the congress was "Ensuring a safe microclimate in a changing world." The congress participants discussed ways of developing the domestic climate industry, as well as the need to transform the building stock and the climate equipment market. One of the main goals of the change is to reduce the environmental impact and ensure a high level of indoor air quality.

Professor Yingxin Zhu (Tsinghua University), one of the leading experts in the field of indoor environment in China, proposed to reconsider a number of aspects in building design and the concept of a "healthy environment".

Yuriy Tabunshchikov, professor and president of NP ABOK, made a presentation on "Environmental safety of real estate objects - challenges of the changing world". “Ensuring the environmental safety of a house is directly related to the 17 sustainable development goals developed by the UN in 2015. At the same time, ventilation is one of the most important factors in ensuring a quality standard of living,” he said.

Turkish expert Suleiman Kavas, member of Turkish Society of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineers, shared his knowledge of new energy efficiency strategies and modern eco-design.
Co-organiser of the congress: NP "ABOK".

At the conference "BIM&BEM Modeling of Engineering Systems of Buildings and Structures", held on February 15, industry experts spoke about the use of digital construction tools in the creation and maintenance of engineering systems for buildings. The main issue was the replacement of Western software with local solutions, as well as simplified access to software. The conference participants considered aspects of working with Russian digital libraries, the transition of developers to TIM, BIM models and other issues. The conference was moderated by Alexander Gudko, editor-in-chief of C.O.K. magazine.
Co-organiser of the conference: C.O.K. magazine

Between the participants of the discussion “Golden installation. Ventilation and Air Conditioning”, held on February 16, hot discussions flared up. Journalists and bloggers shared their knowledge with entrepreneurs on how to choose the best promotion on the Internet and how to download traffic from social networks. In particular, they advised starting with public marketplaces and then moving on to context. As for equipment manufacturers, it is most profitable for them to work with bloggers, increase their media presence in the media and pay more attention to cutting-edge social networks.

In addition, the speakers emphasized that it is very important to involve designers in cooperation, spoke about how to use word of mouth to get clients for free, revealed aspects of working with a client base (CRM), converting online-offline traffic and contractual relations with a client. The experts also shared life hacks on how not to work out in the negative according to the estimate. The discussion was attended by Andrey Bichev, lecturer at the Institute of Refrigeration Systems and Food Production, bloggers Dmitry Dolgikh, Roman Fedorov, Pavel Shaposhnikov and others.
Co-organiser of the conference: C.O.K. magazine

Also on February 16, the session "Microclimate in energy-efficient buildings: design, installation, quality control" was held. The participants discussed the production and use of energy efficient fans in the passive house concept. The speakers of the event were representatives of the Passive House Institute, the Pervostroitel and TURKOV companies, as well as the Architectural Studio of Dmitry Chapania and other industry experts.

Modern passive houses with a modernized ventilation system, where rotary heat exchangers are used, allow the concept of a healthy lifestyle to be observed. They are able to reduce the amount of dust, heat or cool the air, humidify it, and much more, as it was noted at the session. At the same time, the solutions are silent and imply ultra-low power consumption. Today in Russia, active development of Russian ventilation units with passive house certification is underway, which will be used in residential and commercial facilities in different regions of Russia. Co-organiser of the conference: Passive House Institute with expert participation of certified architects of energy efficient houses.

Marianna Brodach - Vice President of NP ABOK, Professor of the Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy), Elena Savchik, Head of Domestic Appliances at SberMegaMarket, Georgy Litvinchuk, General Director of the marketing agency Litvinchuk-Marketing, Vitaly Chaplygin, Development Director of Thermex Energy, Alexander Fedorov, Technical Director of Thermex Energy, Alexander Kolubkov, Vice President of NP ABOK, Director of PPF AK, member of NP ABOK in the Premium category, Alexey Milovanov, YUNK ENGINEERING LLC, Anton Shalimov, Head of Clean Room Technologies, member of the Audit Commission and Technical Committee of the Association of Engineers for the Control of Micropollution, All-Russian public organisation ASINCOM and others also were speakers of the business program.

Business program 2023

The AIRVent team is grateful for the support of the exhibition

AIRVent 2023 thanks for the official support the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow.

General Exhibition and Business Program Partner: NP ABOK
General media partner: C.O.K. magazine
Industry media partner: HeatClub magazine / portal

Media support is provided by: Association “ABOK NORTH-WEST”, Magazine / Portal “Master Forum. Consumer", Portal "Refrigeration Industry", Journal "Refrigeration Technology", Magazine / Portal "Cold Empire", Portal "Sector Media", Magazine "Architecture and Construction", Magazine / Portal "Fulcrum", Magazine / Portal "VashDom", Magazine “Equipment. Developments. Technologies”, Portal “KIPIA Info”, Industry Information Agency “Energy News”, Magazine “Electrical Engineering Market”, Specialized Industry Internet Portal “”, International Portal “Discover New Russia!” and others.

The Organiser also thanks the visitors and exhibitors.
See you on February 6-9 at Crocus Expo at AIRVent-2024!

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