Be at the top of the climate market! Exhibiting at AIRVent will take your business to the next level

The AIRVent 2025 exhibition is the best tool for achieving business goals in a short time with maximum effect. During the 4 days of the exhibition, you will get the maximum concentration of climate industry specialists interested in purchasing your equipment.

Why is it important to exhibit at the exhibition exactly at this moment?

  • Opportunity to occupy vacated niches in the industry

Currently, the market is being redistributed, new formats of cooperation are appearing. Right now, by presenting your products at the exhibition, you will be able to increase your brand awareness, pick up customers from companies which have left the market and consolidate your leading position in new segments.

  • Possibility to confirm your status as a reliable supplier

There is an increase in demand from customers for reliable suppliers. The presence of the company at the exhibition proves that it feels confident in the market and can become a stable supplier in today’s difficult conditions of industry transformation.

  • Opportunity to establish valuable contacts within just 4 days that would have taken years without the exhibition

Personal meetings with clients are more important than ever in a time of turbulence and uncertainty. Face-to-face contact with a potential client increases the conversion into sales by 75%.


Exhibiting at the AIRVent exhibition provides guaranteed opportunities to achieve your most important business goals in a short time:

  • carry out effective promotion of your company and products among representatives of wholesale and retail trade, specialists of design, installation and construction organisations with high buyer potential
  • significantly increase sales volumes
  • reach a new audience, expand the base of potential customers and sales geography
  • hold direct negotiations with top managers of companies from most regions of Russia and CIS
  • meet personally with global experts and industry leaders
  • develop relationships with existing customers and distributors
  • get reliable information about the plans and development strategies of competitors

AIRVent visitors are your target audience:

  • 5,636 professionals interested in climate equipment
  • 96% of visitors influence purchasing decisions
  • 95% came to the exhibition to search for products and services for business, as well as to obtain industry information;
  • 46% of visitors do not attend other similar exhibitions

AIRVent visitors are hot contacts:

  • 72% of visitors plan to purchase products after visiting the exhibition
  • 51% of visitors carry out annual equipment purchases in the amount of more than 10 million rubles.

AIRVent visitors come from various market sectors interested in ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment:

  • 34% specialists of design and installation organisations
  • 32% representatives of wholesale and retail trade
  • 11% representatives of construction companies and developers
  • 14% equipment manufacturers