AIRVent 2024: five reasons to participate in the exhibition

New customers, sales growth, useful business contacts and other benefits can be offered by AIRVent 2024 to its exhibitors.

In 2023, the grand opening of AIRVent, the new International Exhibition of Equipment for Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, took place. AIRVent has established itself as an effective business platform. With its help, manufacturers/suppliers of HVAC equipment can meet their target audience.

Why participate in AIRVent 2024?

The main objective of the AIRVent exhibition is the most effective solution of business problems in the shortest possible time. Participation in the exhibition allows manufacturers and suppliers of HVAC equipment to establish contact with specialists interested in purchasing equipment.

1. Find new clients and business partners.

5,068 people became AIRVent 2023 visitors. These are representatives of design and installation organizations, wholesale and retail trade, construction companies, as well as developers and equipment manufacturers.

Finding the right equipment and making new business partnerships is the top goal for 95% of visitors. According to 2023 data, 86% of exhibitors managed to find new clients and business partners at the exhibition.

AIRVent 2024
AIRVent 2024

2. Increase sales volumes and expand the geography of deliveries.

Exhibition visitors came from 73 regions of Russia and 11 foreign countries. The extensive geography of visitors allows us to negotiate deliveries to new countries. The interest of the audience contributes to the increase in sales volumes: 72% plan to purchase the presented products based on the results of visiting the exhibition.

AIRVent visitors are a unique audience, 46% of them come only to AIRVent among similar exhibitions.

3. Study the proposals of other exhibitors.

Among the participants of AIRVent 2023 are companies from 4 countries. Their equipment and technologies are located within the same site - this is a great opportunity to study new solutions and adopt the most effective ones.

AIRVent 2024
AIRVent 2024

4. Attract an audience with related interests.

AIRVent is held at the same venue as Aquatherm Moscow, Russia's largest exhibition of integrated engineering solutions for heating, water supply, sewerage and swimming pools. In 2023, 25,549 people visited Aquatherm Moscow, among them 14,323 specialists are interested in climate equipment.

5. 95% of companies are satisfied with their participation in AIRVent 2023.

The effectiveness of AIRVent as a business platform is evidenced by the results of surveys of participants. Most of them appreciated the high commercial potential of the exhibition. 95% of companies are satisfied with participation in it.

The AIRVent exposition is being actively formed. We invite you to take part in the exhibition with your stand!