Standard PLus Shell Scheme is suitable for the construction of exhibition area from 11 to 60 sq. m. Octanorm module structures will allow building stands of any configuration and layout. The structures allow building walls of the required height. The stand kit depends on the construction area. Standard Plus Shell Scheme may be amended with standard decorative elements.

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What you should not forget when choosing a layout

  • Zone the space properly. Dangerous exhibits should not be placed on the first line of the stand!
  • Pay special attention to the meeting area. Make sure that it is separated from the presentation area and there are comfortable conditions for communication.
  • Do not forget to provide a place for the storage room. Determine the place where personal items of stand employees and handouts for clients will be stored.
  • If you plan to demonstrate the equipment in action at the stand, please inform the organizer in advance.

What to think about or ask when choosing a layout

  • Where will there be space for staff?
  • Where will the promotional materials be stored and how many of them are needed?
  • How many seats are needed when the stand is filled with people as much as possible?
  • Where will the information about the company be located?
  • Where and what will the reception be?

Stand samples